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Posted by kiraninbng on July 3, 2006

Ohayou gozaimasu !!! 

PDB stands for Program Database.This is a proprietary format for storing debugging information introduced by microsoft.When the linker is run a pdb file for the exe or the dll is created,by default with the same name as the exe/dll.The pdb file contrains information about the typedefs,global variables,function signatures.The absolute path of the pdb file is embedded in the dll/exe.
The PDB file can be divided into 4 parts,

1. File Header — Contains general pdb information

2. Allocation bit table — specifies which parts of file is in use

3. The Root Stream

4. Data Streams

The PDB stream consists of pages usually of 1kb size.The Pages can be located anywhere in the stream in any arbitrary order.The stream directory is responsible for telling an application which pages need to be accessed and in which order. This directory is itself stored in a stream called the root stream. The Allocation Bit Table keeps track of used and unused pages.This scheme is borrowed from simple operating systems such as MS-DOS with its FAT file system, in which a similar table specifies which disk sectors are allocated to files.The PDB header occupies the first file page, and is followed by one or more pages containing the allocation bits.



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