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Deleting a NULL pointer..

Posted by kiraninbng on June 29, 2006

Whats wrong with the below code,

void CTestDelDlg::OnOK()
    CTry* pTry = NULL;
    delete pTry;

Nothing, except the function is pointless and without any logic.The point is that deleting null pointer will not throw an exception.If the pointer is NULL/0 delete assumes that allocation or new has failed.The C++ language guarantees that delete p will do nothing if p is equal to NULL.

The best way of deleting a pointer is to call delete first and set the pointer to NULL. delete. 

Ex :

void CTestDelDlg::OnOK()
    CTry* pTry = new CTry;
    delete pTry;
    pTry = NULL;
For more info on delete chk out


One Response to “Deleting a NULL pointer..”

  1. Farpointer said

    Yes deleting a null pointer is not a big deal ,but u need to ask the implementor of the class wether he has overloaded the new operator :).

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