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Initializing class members..

Posted by kiraninbng on June 28, 2006

Is there any difference between

      m_csText = _T(“”); // Assigning Empty string to m_csText CString variable  



The Answer is yes.The second example is sometimes the only way of initializing variables,used for const and reference variables.Apart from that in case of the first, before executing the code in the body of the constructor,all the variables needs to be initalized.Basically there is one intialization call by default and an assignment call in the body.The second case achieves the same with one initalization call.So it is a good practice to use intialization list whenever possible.


One Response to “Initializing class members..”

  1. Farpointer said

    Like u cant initialize a non-static const member anywere in the constructor other than the initializer list.

    CString &m_szrefStr; // in the header

    This can be only initialized in the initializer list of the constructor .

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