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First impression of Vista

Posted by kiraninbng on June 28, 2006

It took me about one and half hrs to get vista up and running on my celeron 2ghz with 1g ram pc.Seriously does it take so much time or is it time for me to upgrade my comp ? Anyways it looks good but i feel it has got lot of advanced features,it will take some time for XP users to get used to them.Windows Explorer is pretty much cramped with new functionality,i would still prefer the good old simple explorer.

Overall it looks good for a beta version and i think its high time for me to install VS2005 and start with bit of WinFX pgming. I have lot of catching up to do!!!


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  1. Farpointer said

    yes , even i had plans to install it but couldnt do it till now ,anyway would be doing it shortly.

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